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Crocheted Cute Small Bag

*this item is including the 'uncang' and strawberry key chain*
Customer Order
{Kak Aznida}

For more color info please visit ----> Color of Yarn

"I almost can't reach Kak Aznida since she's not give me her contact number and address. She also not reply my email too :( but i never give-up and try to find her through FB and Twitter. Lucky on me when i found her at her personal blog. Thanks Kak Aznida coz' reply my comment hihi~"

1 comment:

  1. salam reena,

    thanks a lot..coz sudi buatkan beg cute nih...ramai yg bertanya..n I've already give them ur blog add...he he..

    hmm..akak tak sempat pun nak wat entry for my cute small beg ni dlm blog..very the bz..:(

    Insya-Allah next time akan order lagi...


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